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1、新想法常常瞬息即逝,必須集中精力,牢記在心,及時捕獲。New ideas are often evanescent, must concentrate, keep in mind, timely capture。

2、說大話的人像爆竹,響一聲就完了。鑒難明,始能照物;衡唯平,始能權物。Boast like fireworks, ring 1 is finished。 Beginning as a crabbed, light; HengWei flat, gets right。

3、忘記今天的人將被明天忘記。Forget about today will be forgotten tomorrow。

4、學在苦中求,藝在勤中練。不怕學問淺,就怕志氣短。Learning in the bitter, art practice in attendance。 Ambition is afraid of shallow knowledge but short。

5、自己打敗自己是最可悲的失敗,自己戰勝自己是最可貴的勝利。Beat yourself is the most lamentable failure, his victory over his is the most precious of victory。

6、井淘三遍吃好水,人從三師武藝高。Well for three times eat good water, from the three high skills。

7、心專才能繡得花,心靜才能織得麻。書山有路勤為徑,學海無涯苦作舟。Heart designed to embroider flower, to Harbin to linen weave. Everybody has the way frequently as the diameter, but learning the hard work.

8、勤學和知識是一對最美的情人。Study and knowledge is the most beautiful couple。

9、鈍石上磨,人笨人前學。以人為師能進步。Blunt sharpened on a stone, one stupid people learn。 By artificial division can progress。

10、比賽必有一勝,苦學必有一成。There will be a win game, really there will be ten percent。

11、外語是人生斗爭的一種武器。A foreign language is a weapon in the struggle of life。

12、不斷認識自己的無知是人類獲得智慧的表現。Continuously meet their ignorance is usually the sign of human wisdom。

13、人生的旅途,前途很遠,也很暗。然而不要怕,不怕的人的面前才有路。The journey of life, the future is far away, also very dark. But don't be afraid, not afraid of the people in front of the road.

14、勤奮者廢寢忘食,懶惰人總沒有時間。He who labors diligently forget all about eating and sleeping, lazy people always don't have the time。

15、世界上沒有天生聰明的人,要想變聰明,就要用勤奮和努力去換取。Not born wise man in the world, to be smart, with hard work and efforts for。

16、知識很多,就像茫茫無邊的大海,只有堅持不懈,不斷獲取知識,才會成為有學問的人。A lot of knowledge, like the vast boundless sea, only the perseverance, constantly to acquire knowledge, will become a learned man.

17、日子象念珠一樣,一天接著一天滑過,串成周,串成月。Days like beads, then day by day slip, strung into weeks, string a month。

18、山不辭土,故能成其高;海不辭水,故能成其深!High mountain to soil, so it; Sea water care, deep because it!

19、搓繩不能松勁,前進不能停頓。瞄準還不是射中,起跑還不算到達。Rope can't slacken, cannot stop。 Aimed at is not hit, the launching hasn't arrived。

20、黃金時代是在我們的前面,而不在我們的后面。The golden age is in front of us, not behind us。

21、用行動祈禱比用言語更能夠使上帝了解。Pray with actions more than words can make understand god。

22、書山有路勤為徑,學海無涯苦作舟。Everybody has the way frequently as the diameter, but learning the hard work。

23、書讀百遍,其義自見。See the book is read hundreds of times, its righteousness。

24、只要是有益的話,小孩的話也要聽。As long as it is good, also want to listen to children。

25、心堅石也穿。好記性不如爛筆頭。勤勉是成功之母。Heart stone also wear。 Or you will forget good。 Diligence is the mother of success。

26、學到很多東西的決竅,就是一下子不要學很多的東西。Learn a lot of trick, is don't learn many things at once。

27、只有努力攀登頂峰的人,才能把頂峰踩在腳下。困難是人的教科書。Only trying to climb the peak of people, step on the foot to the summit。 The trouble is that one textbook。

28、只要功夫深,鐵杵磨成繡花針。拳不離手,曲不離口。As long as kung fu deep, iron pestle into sewing needle。 Boxing hand, mouth。

29、平時沒有跑發衛千米,占時就難以進行一百米的沖刺。At ordinary times did not run hair who km, accounting for when it will be difficult to one hundred metres sprint。

30、如果知識不是每天在增加,就會不斷地減少。If knowledge is not increased in every day, you will continually decrease。

31、明天,明天,明天還有明天!我們應把握住今天,讓每一個今天大于24小時!Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow! We should seize today, let each today is more than 24 hours!

32、信心是成才的基石。沒有信心的人,將一事無成。Confidence is the cornerstone of success。 Without faith, will never make anything else。

33、勤動筆墨勤看書。Regular moving ink regular reading。

34、努力耕耘,少問收獲。Hard work, little q gain。

35、知識象燭光,能照亮一個人,也能照亮無數人。Knowledge is like a candlelight, can illuminate a person, also can illuminate countless people。

36、學問淵博的人,懂了還要問;學問淺薄的人,不懂也不問。All knowledge, understand the even ask; Knowledge shallow people, don't understand, also don't ask。

37、書都讀得來的人,還怕有什么做不來的。Books are read from, return afraid what can't do it。

38、一日讀書一日功,一日不讀十日空。One day is reading a work, one day is not reading ten empty。

39、不聽指點,多繞彎彎。不懂裝懂,永世飯桶。Don't listen to your advice, much around each bend。 He who knows nothing but pretends to know, a good-for-nothing。

40、我們活著不能與草木同腐,不能醉生夢死,枉度人生,要有所作為。We cannot live with vegetation, can't let life slip past them, waste of life, to do something。

41、文學之知識乃是學問之門禁。Knowledge of literature is the door of the knowledge。

42、唯一好的是知識,唯一壞的是無知。The only good is knowledge, the only bad is ignorance。

43、同時趕兩只兔,一只也捉不到。一回生,二回熟,三回過來當師傅。At the same time from two hares, you will catch neither. A resuscitation, two back to familiar, three back when the teacher.

44、學而不厭,誨人不倦。Be insatiable in learning and teaching。

45、與其找糊涂導師,倒不如自己走,可以省卻尋覓的功夫,橫豎他也什么都不知道。Rather than looking for careless mentor, oneself go, you can dispense for kung fu, somehow he also don't know anything.

46、知識是從刻苦中得來的,無知是從懶惰中養成的。Knowledge gained from hard, ignorance from laziness。

47、不要問別人為你做了什么,而要問你為別人做了什么。Don't ask others for what you do, but to ask what did you do for others。

48、知識好像砂石下的泉水,掘得越深,泉水越清。Knowledge like springs under the sand, to dig the deeper, spring more clearly。

49、學到很多東西的訣竅,就是一下子不要學很多。Learn a lot of tricks, just suddenly don't learn a lot。

50、黑發不知勤學早,白首方悔讀書遲。Black hair do not know study early, whitehead party regrets to read later。

51、培育能力的事必須繼續不斷地去做,又必須隨時改善學習方法,提高學習效率,才會成功。To foster ability must continue to do, and must improve the learning method, at any time to improve the learning efficiency, will succeed.

52、知識就是力量,知識就是安全,知識就是幸福。Knowledge is power, knowledge is safety, the knowledge is happiness。

53、淺薄的學識是一件危險的事情。A little learning is a dangerous thing。

54、行動是治愈恐懼的良藥,而猶豫、拖延將不斷滋養恐懼。Activity is a kind of medicine to cure fear and hesitation or delay will continue to nourish the fear。

55、學問之根苦,學問之果甜。學問勤中得,富裕儉中來。Learning the root of bitter, sweet is the fruit of knowledge。 Diligent in learning, rich way。

56、書是逆境中的慰藉。The book is consolation in adversity。

57、老姜辣味大,老人經驗多。請教別人不折本,舌頭打個滾。Ginger spicy is big, the old man more experience. Consult others not selling, tongue to make a roll.

58、你若需要時間,還得自己把他造出來。If you need time, also have to make him myself。

59、年華一去不復返,事業放棄在難成。Time gone, cause to give up in difficult。

60、在真實的生命里,每樁偉業都由信心開始,并由信心跨出第一步。In real life, each pile great begins with confidence, and the confidence to make the first move。

61、空想會想出很多絕妙的主意,但卻辦不成任何事情。Dream will come up with a lot of brilliant idea, but will not do anything。

62、智慧源于勤奮,偉大出自平凡。Wisdom comes from diligence, and great from the ordinary。

63、吹噓自己有知識的人,等于在宣揚自己的無知。He who boasts of his knowledge in his ignorance。

64、虛心使人進步,驕傲使人落后。虛心的人學十算一,驕傲的人學一當十。Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind。 Humbly learn ten is a proud man when ten。

65、精神能補物質的不足。The lack of spirit can fill material。

66、要學蜜蜂采百花,問遍百家成行家。To learn bees flowers, asking hundreds of an expert。

67、試試并非受罪,問問并不吃虧。善于發問的人,知識豐富。Try not to suffer, ask not cheated。 Good at asking questions, rich in knowledge。

68、世界上最壯麗的宮殿是藏書最多的圖書館。The world's most magnificent palace is the largest collection of the library。

69、作者不一定能寫到老,但是他一定應該學到老。The author can not write the old, but he must be should learn。

70、世界上沒有不學習的人,句子網http://www.aadvfn.tw知識是無邊無際的,我們要活到老,學到老。No study of man in the world, knowledge is infinite, we're going to live and learn。

71、刀鈍石上磨,人笨人前學。以人為師能進步。A blunt knife may be sharpened on a stone, one stupid people learn。 By artificial division can progress。

72、再高深的學問也是從字母學起的。Is a science of advanced again from the letters in English。

73、只會幻想而不行動的人,永遠也體會不到收獲果實時的喜悅。Will only fantasy and not a man of action, never also experience the joy of harvest。

74、所謂天才,只不過是把別人喝咖啡的功夫都用在工作上了。The so-called genius, just with all the others drink coffee time on the job。

75、聰明在于勤奮,天才在于積累。Smart lies in hard work, talent is gained by accumulation。

76、大志非才不就,大才非學不成。Determined not only not just, old do not learn。

77、驕傲來自淺薄,狂妄出于無知。驕傲是失敗的開頭,自滿是智慧的盡頭。Conceit comes from shallowness; arrogance due to ignorance. Pride is the beginning of the failure, complacency is at the end of wisdom.

78、寬闊的河平靜,博學的人謙虛。秀才不怕衣衫破,就怕肚子沒有貨。The broad river calm, learned humble. Show just afraid of garment unlined upper garment, and they were afraid to have no goods in his stomach.

79、年輕時讀書就像迎著朝陽走路。When we are young is like against the sun。

80、有熱情而無知識,猶如有火焰而無光芒。Zeal without knowledge is fire without light。

81、你一天的愛心可能帶來別人一生的感謝。Love you one day can bring others thank you life。

82、謙虛是學習的朋友,自滿是學習的敵人。Modesty is the friend of learning, complacency is the enemy of study。

83、不能則學,不知則問,恥于問人,決無長進。Can't learn, I do not know to ask, he who is ashamed of asking people, should have no progress。

84、路是腳踏出來的,歷史是人寫出來的。人的每一步行動都在書寫自己的歷史。Road is stepped out, history is written。 Every step of man is writing his own history。

85、即使道路坎坷不平,車輪也要前進;即使江河波濤洶涌,船只也航行。Even if the bumpy road, the wheels also advance; Even choppy rivers, the ships navigation。

86、生活中沒有弱者,只有不愿努力的人。Nothing in life is to be weak, only reluctant to effort。

87、腳步怎樣才能不斷前時?把腳印留在身后。Steps how to continually before? The footprints left behind。

88、不要心平氣和,不要容你自己昏睡!趁你還年輕,強壯、靈活,要永不疲倦地做好事。Don't be quiet, don't let yourself sleepy! While you are young, strong, flexible, and will never be tired to do a good turn.

89、怕問路,要迷路。嘴勤不走冤枉路。Afraid to ask the way, to get lost。 The mouth not to walk to success。

90、讀書有時會使人突然明白生活的意義,使他找到自己在生活中的位置。Reading can sometimes make a person suddenly understand the meaning of life, made him find their place in the life.

91、注意力是智慧的門戶。要得驚人藝,須下苦功夫。Attention is the portal of wisdom。 Get the astonishing skill, must be hard。

92、讀好書—如同與世上的先杰交談。Reading good books - like a conversation with the world's first jie。

93、一個人的度量是一種精神力量,是一股強大的文明力量。A person's measure is a kind of spiritual strength, is a powerful force of civilization。

94、天才就是百分之九十九的汗水加百分之一的靈感。Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration plus one percent inspiration。

95、每天早晨睜開眼睛,深吸一口氣,給自己一個微笑,然后說:“在這美妙的一天,我又要獲得多少知識啊!”Every morning opened his eyes and took a deep breath and give yourself a smile, and then said: "in this beautiful day, and I will get much knowledge!"

96、讀萬卷書,行萬里路。Reading book, travelling。

97、最淡的墨水也勝過最強的記憶。The light ink also is better than the strongest memories。

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